Episode 012 - How to Know the 10 Ways to Find the 7 Keys to the 5 Secrets to Being a Successful Parent, Husband or Wife (in 3 Easy Steps) - Part 1

On this episode, Barrett and Jenifer take a tongue-in-cheek look at our fascination with lists…and all the people who make promises that if you just do “these things,” your family will be awesome. More importantly, they explore a critical (but often neglected) dimension of the Christian life that makes all the checklists and top 10 lists unnecessary. Along the way, they discuss a recent study on teen sexting, loving your kids (even if you don’t always like them), and why men who take their wives to action movies rarely get any action when the movie is over.

Stuff Mentioned on This Episode:

*The USA Today article that suggests that “sexting” is a sign of maturity in our teens.

*The Three Circles video about entering a relationship with God.

*I Can Only Imagine by Teena Goble, now available in our store.

*The big sale on resources at INFOforFamilies.com.

*The Great Marriage Getaway.

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