Celebrity Marriage and Divorce

I'm not sure if this is funny, sad, ironic, or a combination of the three.

I was channel surfing the other day and saw an hour-long special on the Top 20 Most Expensive Celebrity Weddings. Immediately after it was an hour-long special on the Top 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Divorces. From what I saw of the opening few minutes of each, I noticed that there were several couples that were featured in both shows.

It just goes to show that the elaborate fairy tale at the front end of a relationship has little to no connection to a couple's ability to finish strong together. (I know this from personal experience: my proposal to Jen was a disaster, and we got married in an ugly church "gymnatorium." And yet our marriage is enduring rather nicely, thank you very much.)

I like what Mark Gungor says: a marriage is a marthon, not a sprint. Don't sweat how things got started. What matters is how well you finish the race. May we all strive to finish strong in our marriages, no matter how challenging things might be today!