Making a Case Against Delaying Marriage

Ct-lghomeThe cover story of Christianity Today magazine this month had some unique and thought-provoking insights on marriage and our culture that typcially says "wait until you're older to marry." The author suggests that we may be missing the mark in this strategy. 

Let me first say, RELAX! He's not encouraging kids to get married while still in high school as my wife's 94 year old grandmother did (she stayed married for 67 years, by the way). However, he does speak against a trend we see in the church that suggests that a young adult's life must be completely in order before tying the knot. 

One of his premises is that the church has become so pro-abstienence (which is a good thing), that we have forgotten to be pro-marriage.

We have forgotten that God gave young adults the perfect outlet for the desires He placed in them. Instead of struggling through the guilt of sexual behavior outside of marriage (which most Christian young people do), they can discover earlier rather than later that God wants them to enjoy sex...within the safety of marriage.

But how about the need to grow up first?

I'm just spitballing here, but perhaps God desinged young adults with the potential to selflessly commit to another, and that doing so at 23 is much easier than doing it at 30. Specifically, I know of many adults who find it very difficult to transition from ten years of living single to their new life of living as "one flesh" with their spouse.

In many ways, we are encouraging an extended adolescence in our kids; especially our sons. We are indrectly suggesting that "sowing your oats" is a noble pursuit.

Anyway, there are a ton of worthwhile observations made in the article, so I encourage you to read it. And I'd love to hear your comments.

The Case for Early Marriage