Would You Marry the Same Person Again?

According to a study done by the people at the Around the World Survey (and presented in brief detail in Readers Digest), a signficant portion of married people would not marry their spouse if they could do it over again.

Their findings:

"On average, 68% of respondents in 15 countries would again say "I do" to their spouse. In the United States, respondents over 45 are more likely than younger people to feel satisfied with their choices."

To the question: "Would you marry the same person again?" here are the responses of "YES" by country...

China  83%

Philippines  76%

Germany  73%

Netherlands  73%

Australia  72%

Spain  72%

Russia 71%

UK  66%

Brazil  65%

Canada   63%

Italy  63% 

United States   63%

Check the U.S. figure. That essentially means that 37% (or more than a third) of us would do something different if given the chance. I suppose that's what we see in our out of control divorce rates.

Remember, if the grass seems greener on the other side of the fence, it's often because there's more poop over there.