Cruise Ship + Mark Gungor = Unbelievable Fun!

Cruising the Caribbean is fun. Mark Gungor (of Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage fame) is fun. Put Mark Gungor on a cruise ship and the fun grows to an exponential level that may be more than most people can handle.

But if you're curious, then you need to know about a unique vacation/marriage enrichment opportunity coming up in early 2011. A friend in Smyrna who coordinates cruises for groups of ladies or couples has scheduled a special marriage-focused cruise with Mark Gungor as the key note speaker. Royal Caribbeans' Navigator of the Seas becomes "The Marriage Boat" from February 26-March 3, 2011. This five night cruise promises to be a first-class trip AND have the added bonus of great sessions with Mark.

If you're interested, please contact me at  It should be tons o' fun!