Facebook and Your Marriage

I have been pretty delinquent in posting on the INFO for Families Blog for the past few weeks. A busy family camp over spring break drew my attention away, but I'm back in the office and recommitted to pushing content your way. It's good to be back.

PhBookCover I just placed my order for the new book "Facebook and Your Marriage" by Jason and Kelli Krafsky. These are great folks who I met at a conference a few years ago. They have seen first-hand the impact that Facebook can have on marriage...both for good and for bad. They suggest that the social network trend is perhaps the most significant threat to marriage today. I tend to agree with them. 

You can read a great interview with them here. They talk about some of the significant dangers of Facebook as it relates to married life. The brief interview also includes some powerful "do's and don'ts" that every couple should agree to. 

If you (or your spouse) finds yourself spending many hours on Facebook every day, it might serve you well to honestly consider what the Krafskys have to say. I think they're on to something.